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Posted by:richedav
Subject:New Kismet version confirmed working on Raspberry Pi
Date:23:13:32 11/05/2013

> Just dropping a note to let everyone know setting this up on the Raspberry Pi is well, easy as pie. Same build routine as any other. Download the source from here and that's it! I did it on the stock debian wheezy image available on the Pi site.
> Warwalking without Android Wigle is becoming a reality.


Sorry to bother you, but im still trying to establish if Kismet-drone is what I need , and it it works on Raspberry PI, then it could well be.

Im wanting to locate any wireless clients in an area for analytics purposes - how many people are passing though, how often they return, how long they stat for etc. This are not necessarily associated clients, purely people with a wifi enabled phone thats on (detecting probe frames)

Data then gets streamed to a remote central server for DB storage and analytic.

Does this sound possible on the PI based on your experience?

Many thanks


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