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Posted by:cybrsnpr
Subject:Creating Groups - Newcore
Date:17:57:27 10/05/2013

> > Greetings all;
> >
> > Trying to group a bunch of like named nodes/networks into a group so they don't take up so much space in my kismet window (similar to how the AutoProbe group and others are created). Using the older version of kismet, I would just change sorting and then tag (t) and group (g). This doesn't seem to work anymore. Any ideas how I can create custom groups with the newer versions? I'm using 2011-03-R2 right now.
> It got phased out and no-one before you seemed to complain. I'll keep it in mind when working on the phy-neutral code but it depends how much of a hassle it ends up being.

Dragorn, thanks for the reply and info. If it isn't too hard, and you can add it in, there will be free beer in your future!!!

Thanks again,


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