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Posted by:falfa
Subject:spectools possible new wispydbx v3 firmware?
Date:17:18:45 25/04/2013


> Yeah apparently there's a new firmware w/ a minor change; I'm committing a fix I *think* will solve this.
> You were most of the way there - what you need to also do is tell spectools what the internal model representation is; the v2 uses a very slightly different protocol than the v1.
> As I finish writing this I'll commit a change to make a v3 be detected as a v2 - let me know if it works.

Thank you for the fast answer! :-)

In addition to your changes I also needed to apply the following:

diff --git a/wispy_hw_dbx.c b/wispy_hw_dbx.c
index 6ba3851..3deb30d 100644
--- a/wispy_hw_dbx.c
+++ b/wispy_hw_dbx.c
@@ -586,6 +586,8 @@ int wispydbx_usb_init_path(spectool_phy *phydev, char *buspath, char *devpath) {
(dev->descriptor.idProduct == METAGEEK_WISPYDBx_PID)) ||
((dev->descriptor.idVendor == METAGEEK_WISPYDBx_V2_VID) &&
(dev->descriptor.idProduct == METAGEEK_WISPYDBx_V2_PID)) ||
+ ((dev->descriptor.idVendor == METAGEEK_WISPYDBx_V3_VID) &&
+ (dev->descriptor.idProduct == METAGEEK_WISPYDBx_V3_PID)) ||
((dev->descriptor.idVendor == METAGEEK_WISPY24I_VID) &&
(dev->descriptor.idProduct ==

When starting any of the four available devices The gui will start, but hang with the text "Device calibrating..." in the three view windows. The three available devices generated by my new dbx are:

Wi-spy dbx3 usb 183647 - 2.4GHz ISM
Wi-spy dbx3 usb 183647 - 2.4GHz ISM FAST
Wi-spy dbx3 usb 183647 - 5GHz
Wi-spy dbx3 usb 183647 - 5GHz UN-II

I've browsed through the metageeks site, it seems the firmware in the units are upgraded by their Chanalyzer software, I could not find any solutions for downgrading to V2 firmware.

Can I somehow collect and read the usb conversation with the dbx device?

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