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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:spectools possible new wispydbx v3 firmware?
Date:19:19:45 23/04/2013

> Hi!
> I just bought a wispydbx, which I fail to connect to with either spectools_gtk or spectools_raw. I'm running Debian 6.0, using root to run spectools compiled from git.
> I'm pondering that perhaps Metageeks have released a new firmware that Spectools will not recognize? Here's some logs:

Yeah apparently there's a new firmware w/ a minor change; I'm committing a fix I *think* will solve this.

You were most of the way there - what you need to also do is tell spectools what the internal model representation is; the v2 uses a very slightly different protocol than the v1.

As I finish writing this I'll commit a change to make a v3 be detected as a v2 - let me know if it works.

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