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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet under Android
Date:23:17:56 22/04/2013

> Alas, I was wondering if you might have an or other Android NDK build files that you could share or any thoughts on the bcmon project code in general and how to modernize it so it can be built sanely for other devices.

I used an ubuntu chroot for that experiment.

I have a Kismet for an older version, but it's not for a real kismet build - it doesn't include libnl or libpcap that Kismet needs; i only used it to feed packets from a fake drone from an early version of the android-pcap project.

I haven't looked much into the bcmon build process itself - it's definitely very hacky, I had just thrown together a test kismet build in chroot to see how functional it was (surprisingly quite).

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