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Posted by:jhannah01
Subject:Kismet under Android
Date:21:21:06 22/04/2013


I saw in the recent post on the Google + group (@ that you've managed to get Kismet running with the hacked firmware from the bcmon project ( which is something I've been playing around with for a few weeks myself.

It seems the code the bcmon project uses is a woefully out of date base version of the bcm4329 and bcm4330 drivers and, sader still, they don't use Git.

That being said, I have managed to build my own version of both the rtl8187 (with the airodump patches) as well as a, at current, marginally functional BCM4330 driver. It seems the best route to really go would be working on getting a fully functional b43 driver which, if I understand correctly, already supports monitor mode out of the box.

Alas, I was wondering if you might have an or other Android NDK build files that you could share or any thoughts on the bcmon project code in general and how to modernize it so it can be built sanely for other devices.

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