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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Question about mutil-adapter config
Date:15:23:55 12/04/2013

> Hi,
> In the documentation, there is a setting for split(true|false) per interface. I had two questions.
> 1) What is the default behavior (if left unspecified?
> 2) What should the configuration syntax be in the following scenario...
> I would like wlan1 and wlan2 adapters to be used by kismet. I've put each into monitor mode virtually as mon0 and mon1 respectively. What should the resulting config lines look like (the documentation seems to indicate the lines would reference wlan1 and wlan2, but I'm wondering if they should actually reference mon0 and mon1)...

Default behavior is to split over sources sharing the same channels.

Kismet will make the monitor mode vap itself - just tell it the interface and it'll figure it out (for mac80211 based devices anyhow)

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