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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Error in ./configure "too many arguments"
Date:15:10:47 07/04/2013

> I'am getting error on libnl1 check by running ./configure - see output where "line 7165" is.
> checking for libnlgenl30... no
> checking for libnl20... no
> checking for libnl1... yes
> ./configure: line 7165: test: too many arguments
> configure: WARNING: Missing libnl netlink library will not be able to control mac80211 vaps
> configure: creating ./config.status

I'm not seeing anything obvious in the configure script which looks wrong & I've successfully tested it on nl1 and nl3 systems.

What version of kismet? What distro? What shell? What versions of netlink do you have installed? What are you passing to --with-netlink-version, if anything?

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