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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:new in kismet. installation OK but kismet command wasn`t created and question on
Date:20:20:01 18/03/2013

> hello! i'm new in kismet. i had installed kismet ok in my computer, but the kismet command wasn´t generated.
> also, i can run kismet_server, for exampple, but asks for the file
> the file is already installed in their library, but kismet can't find it.
> could anybody please help me?
> thanks!

It's not really possible to have installed kismet_server and kismet_client and not gotten the kismet binary/link. I suspect you didn't really install, and are running it out of the source dir, or installed into something not in your path, and are running the server/client binaries out of the source dir.

Libcap is the capabilities library for privileges dropping (not related to libpcap, the packet capture library). If it was found for compile and not for runtime, your library setup for your distro/install is wrong; you'll need to figure out where the library is living and add that directory to /etc/ and run ldconfig or reboot.

You don't say what platform you're on; if on ubuntu there are packages on the kismet site pre-compiled. If you're on OSX it shouldn't be pulling libcap at all, I don't think.

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