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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ssid filter (not by bssid)
Date:20:10:58 18/03/2013

> Hello,
> In the case where a bssid brodcasts 2 or more ssids, how can i filter only one ssid ?

Short answer: You can't.

Longer answer: If one BSSID (ie one mac address) beacons multiple SSIDs, the only way to know what SSID a client is on is to have captured that association. In theory you can try to do this, but you can't while channel hopping, and there isn't really any code to try to do it in Kismet because it's not hugely practical.

This is why almost all modern multi-ssid systems make a new mac address for each SSID.

If you really felt strongly you could try to make code that tracks ssid association per client; you'd need to track probe reqs and responses and follow the association id in the response; clients might probe for broadcast (any) SSID or a specific one, you need to see what the AP responds with.

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