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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:To laserpad and dragorn.
Date:20:08:06 18/03/2013

> Hi, laserpad and dragorn, according to the attached conversations below you guys were having a year ago. Could you please forward your work to me as well?
> I'm implementing an IDS/IPS project for my final year at the University.
> I have some questions regarding the topic.
> 1. Could you please send your practical work (Kismet+Snort) you mentioned in the conversation to me as well.
> 2. If it's not too much I'd appreciate your update on professional insight of where we are at on the topic(OpenSource IDS implementation + Kismet/Snort) as of now(2013).

Your option is pretty much the same - export a live stream via tuntap in Kismet and feed that into snort.

The wireless side is handled by Kismet, the wired side is by Snort.

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