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Posted by:Yan
Date:09:02:28 07/03/2013

I'm new in the Kismet.
I have compiled the kismet and install it.
However,when I run it I cannot get zhe networks.When I quit the kis met ,I can get a imformation that tell me fail to find a type for auto-type.
ERROR: Failed to find a type for auto-type source 'wlan0',you will have ro tell Kismet what it is by adding a type=[card type] to the ncsource config
ERROR:It is possible that the dvice for interface 'wlan0' is not active or was not plugged in. Kismet will ignore this interface ,you may re-add it later.

I run Kismet on Ubuntu12-04. I set the ncsource with ncsource=wlan0:name=yan.

Can you give me a suggest about above question?How to solve it?

Thank you!

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