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Posted by:jirO
Subject:Kismet translate 802.11n packet into other channel (2764 & 3404)
Date:07:36:29 04/03/2013

Hello all,

i'm testing Kismet with my environment, therefore, i setup my AP in 802.11g, 802.11n (non-HT) and 802.11n (HT). Both 802.11g and 802.11n (non-HT) using channel 11, while 802.11n(HT) using 40MHz+, which i believe will be channel 1-6 if i'm not mistaken. i checked at the "Channel Details" to view the channel summary, signal level, packet rate, data and networks. i tested using "Netstress" application in windows for client and server and capture with other devices. Moreover, i capture and focus on channel 1,6,11 only. and, using Kismet-2011-03-R2 (latest, i think so)

When i tested with the 802.11g AP, the Kismet working properly. i stream UDP and TCP at 1MBbs and Kismet display there is 1M for Data/s.

1) The problem happen when,
However, if i tested with the 802.11n (non-HT), the Kismet still can capture the packet and data. However the UI for "Channel Details" will display at channel 4044.
In other cases, if i tested with the 802.11n (HT), the Kismet can capture the packet and data also but display at channel 2764.
I attached the screenshot

802.11g -
802.11n (non-HT) -
802.11n (HT) -

2) Can i know which .cc files to program the "Channel Details"? to display and calculate the Packet Rate and Data Rate,,

3) What is Network in "Channel Details"? what it represents for Network and Active in the graph?

Sorry for trouble and question

Thank You,

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