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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Best way to read GPS data into a Server Plugin
Date:17:32:09 27/02/2013

> > I am currently writing a server plugin and I need to track GPS location data to process packets. Is there a good way to pull the location data from the gpscore? Ideally, I would like to be 'pushed' an update each time an NMEA sentence is parsed that updates the location data.
> I am developing under 2011-03-R2 and have looked at the plugin-gpstxt example, but it will not compile under 2011-03-R2.

Set a timer and query it once a second, is the easiest way.

Packets will also have GPS on them already via the packet chain. If you don't need packet-async processing of gps, you can just extract that from them; look at ppi logging, etc, for examples.

Also be aware many things are changing in the -git code so take a look at what's going on there and look at the ubertooth-phy-neutral plugin from the ubertooth codebase

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