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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Building from git on Fedora 18 - core dump running kismet_server
Date:14:09:40 18/02/2013

> dragorn:
> Fedora 18 has many packages that depend on 'libnl3'. My Fedora 18 development system has libraries for both 'libnl1' and 'libnl3'. So i used this simple sed one-liner in my RPM build spec to force the use of 'libnl1' in "configure" prior to running configure:
> sed -i -e 's,"\$libnlgenl30" = "yes","$libnlgenl30" = "no",' "./configure";
> Possible suggestions for future:
> 1) Add a switch option to configure for use of 'libnl1' only...
> 2) Remove check for any NetLink versions greater than 'libnl1'

Many distributions ONLY ship libnl3. Disabling it is not an option.

The real solution is libpcap needs to update to a modern version.

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