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Posted by:neoke
Subject:Kismet on OpenWrt Router with Access Point mode ?
Date:15:11:56 31/01/2013

Hello everyone,
I am trying to build a simple wireless IDS on Router (TP-Link WR914ND version 3 running OpenWrt).
I installed Kismet Drone on it, and I can use Kismet server on Linux PC to connect to Kismet Drone.
Everything was OK when Router’s wireless interface was running in Monitor mode.
But I want to provide Internet Access while using Kismet to monitor my network on this Router. Is there any way to do that ?
When wireless interface was running in Access Point mode, I could still use Kismet Drone on Router, but it could not hop channel, I got “ERROR: mac80211_setchannel() could not set channel 4/2427 on interface 'wlan0mon' err -25”.
Any solution ?
Sorry for my bad English,

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