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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:"No frames from Kismet drone server" error
Date:15:16:39 29/01/2013

> Hi guys.
> Since I didn't want to spend your time answering an already solved problem, I spent a good deal of time searching the web for a solution to my problem. After failing to solve it, I decided to ask for your help. I'm a LINUX newbie, but with a big desire to learn more.
> I'm trying to make Kismet drone work on a Ubiquiti NanoStation 5 device. I'm using OpenWRT distribution (Backfire 10.03 version) and kismet-drone_2009-06-R1 version. (I have to tell that using a newer distribution of OpenWRT is out of question because my device has showed significant problems with them.)
> Here is the kismet_drone.conf file:

You can't link an old-core style drone to a newcore server; this is probably the issue you're having. Newcore switched to a new drone protocol which allows forward changes w/out having to match server and drone, unfortunately, the old protocol wasn't designed with that in mind.

If you're really dedicated you could make a plugin that handles the legacy drone protocol, but in the 4-5 years since the changeover no-one has cared that much.

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