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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:setting up a TCP packet source
Date:00:05:25 29/01/2013

> I am attempting to integrate packet data collected by a stand alone collection system into kismet to allow for correlation with wifi data collected by kismet. I am desiring send the packet data as a json data stream over a tcp link. I have been looking at writing a server plugin and a client plugin to handle the data. It appears that for a source to be recognized, enabled, and polled; it must be associated with an interface and a tcp port is not an interface.
> I have examined writing a 'drone' like interface to inject the data into the kismet server, but it seems like a lot of work for a simple task. Is there a simpler way capture packet data from a tcp port?

Packets have to come in from a packet source; a packet source can get packets from anything you want. You can use a tcp socket, you just have to supply a pollable fd via fetchdescriptor and respond to a poll(). You're responsible for getting the data from <whatever> and putting it into a kismet packet and injecting it into the chain.

Definitely look at the -git code; the change to phy-neutral may make it much easier for you, and is definitely something you'll have to deal with, regardless.

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