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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:navigation with wifi
Date:20:07:20 26/01/2013

> Hi is ip possible to use Kismet to determine actual position using wifi?
> I have about 10 neighbors and i would like to use their signals to determine the actual position of a robot.
> The robot uses a FOX-G20 with a debian squeeze.

If you have your own database and algorithms, sure, I suppose so.

The way all those wifi positioning services work is by using a combination of cell position and gps to either wardrive, buy data from wardrive databases, or leech data off subscriber cell phones (google, probably others).

To do positioning by wifi, you need to know where the wifi networks you can see are roughly positioned (pre-existing database). The DB either has to be on your device, or you have to have a cell or other connection to perform lookups against the service online.

You may be able to buy access to skyhook - not sure. You used to be able to do some geoloc via web api from google, but they turned it off.

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