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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Building & Debugging Android-Pcap failes - pcap library missing
Date:19:05:23 16/01/2013

> Hi,
> I have cloned the source from git, created a new project from the source using Androids ADT bundle with Eclipse, and then tried to run/debug the project. I tried doing this using a virtual device (Galaxy Nexus AVD) as well as using an actual Galaxy Nexus via usb with usb debugging enabled.
> Both times, the application starts, but then fails when it comes to loading the pcap library ( with the following error message:

The pcap library is built with the NDK.

You need to install the NDK, and then in the jni/ directory run 'ndk-build'.

That will get you the libraries, pre-installed in the proper place.

Then just re-build in eclipse (eclipse doesn't know about the ndk, so you need to poke a file and re-save it to get it to force a rebuild & relink) and you should be good to go!

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