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Posted by:eldanielo
Subject:Signal Strength?
Date:00:24:28 03/01/2013

> > As you consider other features, is adding a radiotap header possible? Using the signal strength from it could be useful.

I just read into the radiotap field definitions:

@techadsr: What signal strength field do you mean?
"Antenna signal" (Bit number 5)? "This field contains a single signed 8-bit value, which indicates the RF signal power at the antenna"?

I assume they mean the received signal strength (RSS) at the antenna. Please correct me if I am wrong.

> Right now the driver implementation doesn't have signal strength support; patches welcome, otherwise at some point it's definitely on the list.

You mean the current Kismet implementation does not access the signal strength in the radiotap header?
Where does the signal strength that is in the KDSP CAPPACKET come from (e.g. "Signal dbm: -59" as displayed in Wireshark at offset 0x60 int16_t)?
In other words, which driver interface delivers this signal strength information and what is the difference from the values in the radiotap header?

Sorry if this question is trivial. I am trying to eliminate the confusion :-)

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