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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:GPS and AP Accuracy
Date:04:16:25 02/01/2013

> I am curious to find out if attenuating the signal from the wireless antenna will give a better accuracy related to the GPS coordinates. I am waiting on a few parts to arrive for some testing of my own to check this theory. My theory is that if you aren't receiving the same AP multiple times from multiple locations it would be more likely to have an better location. I would also presume that a slower "drive" would be required to pick up locations with an attenuated signal. I haven't attempted any drives but should be doing so in the next few days. I guess understanding how kismet correlates the AP to a GPS location would help me here. Does kismet take signal strength into account with a GPS location? Also, how does it handle dupes?

Kismet ignores signal strength b/c usually it's useless (in my experience).

Yeah, attenuating can definitely make things more accurate, since it will, as you say, cut down the range it can see it. The downside is you see less stuff, but it's an interesting tradeoff.

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