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Posted by:jasonmc
Subject:bad ideas i guess
Date:23:04:39 20/12/2012

- stay on the channel if you're seeing a handshake, so you don't ho to another channel and miss some of it while hopping - option to keep the best
- along with this, option to stay on the channel while hopping if you're seeing a big data burst. with some kind of threshold before you
start hopping again.

another idea... if statistically you're seeing little IV's on some channels, start to prefer channels you're seeing alot on ?

- option to not keep big packets ?

- option to not pass corrupted packets to pcapdump? (sorry, i'd really like that again:) )

- option to decay clients or AP's you haven't seen so they go off the list (is it there already?)

- active probe scanning (and with that, don't pick up beacons) and make sure you only see your own probe requests. this is nice for telling
what AP's you're in range of connecting to since it was a two-way conversation.

- option to keep only the first beacon unless it changes then keep another, to reduce log file size?

- to be better that most tools.. maybe discard bad handshakes (aircrack-ng tries to tell you're they're fine to try and crack). if you can tell a handshake went bad.
since people are always trying to connect to AP's with bad passwords.

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