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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:channel bleeding
Date:04:53:10 17/12/2012

> weird cause it always happens... on channel 11 i see even channel 9 sometimes.

Yes, this is normal.

> but the packets wouldn't fail an fcs check if they were heard right, they'd just be heard on the wrong channel.

Sure they would. Channels overlap - like I said, 22mhz wide, 5mhz apart. That means channel 9 is well w/in the range of channel 11. Overlap happens. a LOT.

> can't there be a check for the packet's own channel it says it belongs to, and the channel you're on as an option?

No, because only beacons contain channel data. Normal packets do not.

> it's come down to kismet as as the only thing to use so far for me with the validatefcs choice it has.. and nice gui.
> i'm using the newest linux kernel and the ath9k driver still has no choice of not giving you bad packets. but with that is everything that can be heard on the radio waves hehe. it's even the only adapater to buy at hakshop, it's so recommended for wireless fun.

This is how wifi works. 2.4 ghz channels overlap significantly. This is normal behavior that happens with all cards and all drivers. Expect at least 2-3 channel bleedover, and significantly more depending on proximity and power. I've seen 6+ channel bleedover. It happens. This is one of the many reasons 2.4ghz sucks.

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