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Posted by:lixn
Date:12:37:50 16/12/2012


I'm sorry opening this question again, but I'm really curious.

I was trying few detection tools and I found out, that kismet doesn't show wpa2. I searched forum here and I found out, that wpa and wpa2 can use tkip and aes, so kismet shows all possible authentifications. I made a little experience and I set my wifi router to wpa expecting tkip or aes. I started inssider and Vistumbler and it showed wpa but only with aes. Then I configured wifi router to wpa2 expecting tkip or aes and both inssider and vistambler showed wpa2 with aes. I found out that both programs can easily found out if AP is set wpa or wpa2 only showing highest type of authentification but kismet which I assume to be more advanced can't show if the AP is set to wpa or wpa2 but shows all authentification protocols. My question is, is there a way to set up or find out with kismet if the router is realy set to wpa or wpa2 ?

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