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Posted by:jasonmc
Subject:badly needed for me...
Date:07:55:06 16/12/2012


i'm using the famous Alfa AWUS036NHA wireless adapater everyone recommends for sniffing and stuff in linux. got it last week. i'm having a heck of a time handing one major problem though.... there's no way to stop it from capturing bad packets too.

i noticed that kismet has the validatefcs option. this does a wonderful job and not making a mess of the display of access points with many variables of funny characters. however, it doesn't seem to pass through to what goes in the log.

i've tried every option of fcsfail, and the other one. made a vap. and such. and nothing works to make it not log bad packets.

the problem with logging bad packets mostly is any program that tries to look through the list of access points finds too much garbage to sort through.

is there any way that validatefcs can be worked to what goes in the pcap capture file? i've got the latest of everything for my network adapater so there's nowhere else to look. glad i found half the solution though with kismet.

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