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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Keyboard Shortcuts?
Date:17:58:01 08/12/2012

> Hi,
> I'm trying out the new kismet but I can't figure out keyboard shortcuts, e.g. how do I lock to a channel? How do I display the ASCII text of the sniffed packets (the old kismet was able to do that, does the new version, too?). I tried pressing 'h' to get help in the UI, but nothing happened...

As the startup window says, '`' (or '~', or escape) activates the menu. Highlighted/underlined menu letters shortcut to menu, which will then show the keys for each item.

Ascii packet content isn't there for now - and may not come back, under any reasonable network load it's not really maintainable.

> BTW, the Ubuntu packets aren't really clean, there is a README in the doc directory and the man pages aren't zipped:

They're also not generated w/ dpkg, but I'll keep it in mind

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