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Posted by:bar0412
Subject:setchannel() could not set channel n/nnnn on interface 'wlan0mon' err -16
Date:17:44:39 04/12/2012

Could anyone please give me a hint for what do with these messages?

"ERROR: mac80211_setchannel() could not set channel n/nnnn on interface 'wlan0mon' err -16"

I have installed kismet-2011-03-R2 on openSuse 12.2. I modified the following kismet.conf positions to: hidedata=true, allowplugins=false, ncsource=wlan0 and gps=false.

My networkcard is an Atheros AR9287 wireless network adapter.

The program is running fine with only one annoying thing. The above mentioned message is permanently repeated over all of the available 13 channels.

Using the also installed debian 6.06 with kismet 2008-05-R1 I don't have this problem. My source definition there is source=wlan0,ath5k,name (ath9k is not accepted).

Do you see any possible solution?

Please use a more simple explanation because my school-english is a couple of years old.

Thanks for any help.

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