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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Issue with caputre source on Asus Zebook Prime UX31A-DB51 Ubuntu
Date:01:56:49 25/11/2012

> Thanks!
> The airmon-ng works well, but also ncsource=wlan0 works with the newest stable release of kismet.

I suspect you're not using an in-kernel mac80211 driver (it may be one of the ones mentioned in the readme as specifically problematic, otherwise, post and let me know what driver you're using).

You can't change the type of an existing vap with mac80211, it must be constructed in monitor mode. With older drivers, you can't make multiple VAPs and have to change the type of the main interface.

Unfortunately, none of the out-of-kernel drivers properly populate the driver info, so they can't be programatically detected.

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