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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:kismet_server - segfault in libnl prior to main()
Date:05:40:22 21/11/2012

> Hey,
> i also posted this to the libnl mailing list, since i assume it's libnl's fault, but since i don't know exactly, i thought i should post here, too:
> it's about kismet_server, latest svn version as of yesterday (2012/11/20)
> here's the post:
> In particular this is about kismet, a program using libnl, which segfaults right after launch, before even main() is called.
> It looks like libnl is responsible, here's what i did and some information:

Wow, that's pretty special...

No, I've never seen this happen - I'm not even sure what might be going on.

Can you compile libnl w/ full debug symbols, and then run the both of them through valgrind or something? Might give more info.

That it blows up before main either means that something in dlinit in libnl (or your linker in general) is totally fried, or that it's corrupting the stack so completely that it doesn't know where it is anymore.

Try valgrind. Sometimes that can reveal things gdb can't.

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