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Posted by:PAinguIN
Subject:Cloaked/Non-Broadcasting SSID with Encryption?
Date:03:20:45 11/11/2012

Hi all....

I've been working with a friend trying to determine why we are having problems collecting data from an AP.

Typically in Kismet, if an AP is not broadcasting an SSID there is no encryption as you need to know the SSID to connect. Well, after Kismet monitors an association from Client to AP the SSID becomes apparent (usually).

Well, in this case, the SSID is cloaked/non-broadcasting and Kismet shows that encryption is enabled and that it is WEP.

After collecting over 20000 IV's Aircrack is still unable to decipher the key.

This is not typical by any means. The SSID would show if the network was not encrypted but since this one is (and I'm not sure how unless this 3Com Router supports that) the SSID cannot be determined.

Shouldn't matter because packets are being captured using the BSSID/MAC to identify the AP.

Here is a screenshot of what's going on. Notice there are two AP's with a "Hidden" SSID and which are encrypted. Any input would be appreciated.



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