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Posted by:PeterDD
Subject:No logfiles are written
Date:12:43:56 19/10/2012

> > Hello everybody
> >
> > I am having a hard time making kismet write logfiles. My configuration says
> > logprefix=/var/log/kismet (which is world writeable)
> > logtypes=pcap,text,pcapbtbb,networks
> > logdefault=Kismet
> > logtemplate=%p%n-%D-%t-%i.%l
> >
> > Version is 2011-03-R2, compiled from source. Scanning Wi-Fi and BT works fine.
> > I am only getting pcapbtbb files in my log directory. The directory from which I am running kismet_server is empty. Kismet is installed as suid root. Didn't manage to run kismet_server in gdb due to thread issues, strace did not help either. Anybody's got a clue?
> I think your logtypes is wrong - those aren't valid types for that version of Kismet.
> logtypes=pcapdump,gpsxml,netxml,nettxt,alert
> is the default configuration.
> kismet-git has expanded the logtypes to 'classes' (ie pcap, xml). 2011 uses explicit names.

Yep, that helped. Thanks a lot!

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