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Posted by:Cthulhucalling
Subject:Drone labels/alerting
Date:15:55:07 18/10/2012

Good to know that I'm not 100% out of sync here.... hopefully some new features will be released shortly.

> > 2) In the situation above, I only get one APSPOOF alert despite my test rogue AP staying up and transmitting, and that alert comes in when the drone within range of the rogue starts up. I'm assuming that I've messed up the alert configuration somehow, or is the the expected behavior? I've tried playing with the throttling for APSPOOF with no effect.
> >
> It should happen several times and then go quiet - but it also depends on seeing more packets from it, being on the right channel, etc.

In kismet.conf, I have:

The MAC of the rogue is obviously something else, and is set to broadcast the SSID. I also have a few clients attached to it just to have some traffic going. I get exactly 1 APSPOOF alert when the drone starts up, or when I start up the AP if the drone is already running. I've locked the drone onto the same channel as the rogue AP just to see if it was missing any beacons.

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