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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Where are all the wireless networks?!
Date:18:15:53 13/10/2012

> Hi all, maybe could be a newbie question, but I wish to known why on kismet console I can display over 30 wireless networks and only just 7-8 when I run iwlist wlan0 scan or user the network manager of my os?
> There are a policy based on signal level by who wrote the drivers? Thanks for replies!

Kismet works by capturing raw packets. Your OS gets the list by probing for networks and seeing who responds.

It is entirely possible for a network to be out of range of you, but your wireless card may still be able to see the beacons... Or, at least, one or two beacons, now and then, which is enough to let Kismet see them.

Also check the type of network - probe requests are a another wireless user looking for networks, which would not show up in your joinable network list.

Most likely it's a combination of the two.

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