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Posted by:SirWinston
Subject:Polling/Recording rate
Date:15:46:18 08/10/2012

> > I'm looking for a way to record new data with Kismet for a specific BSSID given a specific interval. So, for example: Kismet locates a network 00:11:22:33:44:55 and records the (given a working GPSD) lat/lon/signal strength. Is it possible to have Kismet record this info as normal, and then after a specific interval record new info? So that assuming one specific network, you could record varying information over time as you move from one location to another?
> Currently no, but something very like that is on my list, I just haven't figured out how to best handle it (and best communicate it between the server and the client).
> My current path of thought is that you can define in the configuration a "quiet duration" and something like a location gap. If a device doesn't transmit for the quiet duration, or if it isn't seen w/in the location gap if GPS is enabled, then a new block of data is created for it.
> Under this model I'd probably track # of packets per segment, and location, and maybe signal extremes, but track the rest as a single entity.
> I haven't fully fleshed out the idea in my mind yet.

Looking forward to seeing that someday... If you hadn't already guessed, I was looking to use Kismet for triangulation. It would be a simple task, if able to collect signal strength from different locations. Thanks, and keep up the great work.

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