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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Odd problem, RTL8187B
Date:14:32:15 01/10/2012

> So I LOVE kismet, maybe too much, like so much my wife has stop talking to me.
> Enough personal info, so I was using a NetGear wireless USB WG111v2. Which compared to my trendNet 242ub isn't has capable (I get three more networks and ton better reception). Yet, I can't seem to get my tendNet to work with kismet. And I could of swore I ran it once, but lost that configure info when my computer mysteriously rebooted(No mystery the cat likes to play with the surge protecter)
> So unfortunately I can't remember what I did... Any help? or Possible solutions? Every variation I can think of, I've tried, and I still can't seem to find the correct driver to place in the configure file.

if you're using a modern kismet (one from the download page here, not what your distribution thinks is modern) then you don't need the driver anymore in the config, just define:


(or wlan1, or whatever your card is) and kismet will figure it out from there.


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