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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:11n packet capture using Intel 4965 AGN card
Date:19:12:39 28/09/2012

> The following are the observations
> (1) i am not able to see 11n data rates and it is sending as 0.0 MBps

You need to manually tune to a HT+ or - channel, plus intel doesn't really do HT speeds at 2.4, only 5.

I'd bet the drivers aren't reporting sane data rates.

> (2) After association when client is started transmitting data it is changing the channel value as 24768.

Fixed in git.

> (3) in kismet server it is throwing error as Intel channel ioctl:22 failed message is displaying.

Your drivers are reporting, then rejecting, channels. Check your regdomain settings and make sure nothing like networkmanager is running.

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