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Posted by:janreddam
Subject:11n packet capture using Intel 4965 AGN card
Date:15:02:40 26/09/2012

I have installed kismet on lenovo laptop having Intel 4965 AGN card in it.
I have changed wlan interface to monitor mode and try to capture the 11n traffic.

(1) Netgear AP which supports 11n in 2.4GHz
(2) D-link atheros card which supports 11n in 2.4GHz
(3) kismet running on lenovo laptop which support AGN in monitor mode.

The following are the observations
(1) i am not able to see 11n data rates and it is sending as 0.0 MBps
(2) After association when client is started transmitting data it is changing the channel value as 24768.
(3) in kismet server it is throwing error as Intel channel ioctl:22 failed message is displaying.

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