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Posted by:Johnson
Subject:Do filters filter the pcapdump file?
Date:11:23:08 11/09/2012

Hi all,

great piece of kit! I'm having an issue with using the filters though :(

I would like to only capture and pcap dump all the packets from my AP only. I have set the filter_tracker=BSSID(MYBSSID), and this only displays my AP in the kismet window correctly :)

However, when I check the pcapdump file in wireshark, it contains all the packets from all BSSIDs :( although the nettxt file only contains the details from the filtered BSSID.

I've tried setting the filter_dump, filter_export & filter_netclient also, but to no avail.

Previous searches on this have revealed a few others have this issue...but can't seem to find a solution...

Is it a bug, or is that just the way it was intended?


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