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Posted by:cooldude786
Subject:Wireless IDS
Date:20:32:29 29/08/2012

> I wrote a practical on compiling, configuring, and installing Kismet on a home router using OpenWRT and thought it may be useful to some of the new visitors to this site who are looking to setup a wireless IDS device but have no idea where to start. If this is of interest to anyone, it can found here:


I was trying to use your document for installing an kismet drone on a linksys wrt54gl router with openwrt firmware i upgraded it with the following file: openwrt-wrt54g-squashfs.bin. After that there was wireless settings to be changed in that section i made my wifi interface as a client and after that u suggested to change the mode to monitor from the monitor interface. However, i am not able to locate the monitor interface. What can i do about that??? Also when i try to edit the kismet_drone.conf file using the vi command i am not able to edit the contains. Also when i use nano and gedit it gives errors like command unknown. I would be really great full if you could help me with this.

Thank you

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