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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Is spectools able to retrieve the SSID from any WiSpy device?
Date:17:41:21 19/08/2012

> Ok Dragorn, thanks very much for the reply. I sort of suspected as much, but I thought I'd ask and make sure.
> Would you happen to know what tools like Channalyzer tap into to get SSID data? That tool has a "Topographic" view that shows SSID names in the same view, in addition to the heat map waves. Are they using your laptop's wireless card to retrieve SSID names?

Yeah - it's using the wifi nic to get names and trying to correlate them with signal. Doing similar in Kismet is on the list - actually w/ Kismet it can pull in other signal data as well (kisbee, ubertooth, potentially other 2.4ghz protocols if hardware is available).

To do raw sampling requires much more radio and processing power - the commercial version of this is Cognio (now owned by Cisco), for open platforms there is the USRP and in the future, hack-rf.


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