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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Having trouble compiling gpstxt plugin
Date:19:59:39 15/08/2012

> Hello,
> I'm after a bit of newbie help installing/compling the gpstxt plugin that I found in the development section...
> I have downloaded the macaddr.h & and placed them in usr/local/lib/kismet
> I have downloaded the Makefile & files and placed them in /usr/local/lib/kismet/plugin-gpstxt
> I cd to /usr/local/lib/kismet/plugin-gpstxt & do # make install but get the error "Makefile:5: /usr/src/kismet/ No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target '/usr/src/kismet/'. Stop.
> I think I'm just being an idiot with Linux, but can't see what I'm doing wrong!
> Thanks in advance!
> D

From the readme in the gpstxt-plugin directory:

By default, Kismet-Gpstxt expects the Kismet source to be in
/usr/src/kismet; this can be overridden by setting the
KIS_SRC_DIR environment variable:

cd plugin-gpstxt/
KIS_SRC_DIR=/home/foo/src/kismet make

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