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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:does kismet conflict with AP or wireless client
Date:16:45:06 13/08/2012

> You can not use Kismet and your wireless network connection on the same wireless interface. You need to have one interface that Kismet will be operating on set to promiscuous mode so it can sniff, while your other interface will be connected to (or hosting) an access point.

Yes and no.

You can run kismet + AP or kismet + Client if you do NOT CHANNEL HOP and tell Kismet to lock to the same channel as your client or AP.

This requires your drivers support this properly as well - many do not and get weird.

Otherwise, you need 2 nics. If you're going to channel hop, you absolutely need 2 nics since you can't maintain a connection while your radio is on another channel.

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