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Posted by:laserpad
Subject:does kismet conflict with AP or wireless client
Date:21:39:46 12/08/2012

> Hi kismet team:
> thanks for your good effort!
> i run kismet on my ubuntu PC, when my PC connecting another wireless access point.
> i found both my PC and kismet work not right.
> for PC, it can't ping to its gateway.
> for kismet, it report change channle error.
> as my PC always run as a access point by hostapd. my question is when my PC is running as wireless access point or wireless client. can i run kismet at the same time.
> thanks you!
> ocean su

You can not use Kismet and your wireless network connection on the same wireless interface. You need to have one interface that Kismet will be operating on set to promiscuous mode so it can sniff, while your other interface will be connected to (or hosting) an access point.

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