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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet for rooted android devices
Date:15:10:51 01/08/2012

> Anyone have any success getting kismet to compile for a rooted android device?
> I've tried but I'm having trouble finding all the proper include files. Any help would be appreciated.

I've been working on a kismet port for non-rooted devices (using usb host mode and porting drivers to userspace). It works, it's not super stable yet which is why it's not a release.

Personally I think rooted apps are a Bad Thing for android security in general. I'd had some discussions with Moxie where he suggested adding capture permissions to the system that would let Kismet operate on custom ROMs without requiring full root - I like this idea a lot more.

To compile it for the ndk you'd have to get the kernel source, perhaps libnl depending on how the device implements the driver, ncurses if you're compiling the uri, and libpcap, minimally. You'll have to get all those building, then adapt kismet to build inside the NDK environment (the last is pretty easy).

At that point, you'd still have the question, "can the phone do monitor mode?". I don't know that many can.

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