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Posted by:m712
Subject:clients kismet can't see
Date:15:30:46 14/07/2012

> > if a client is connected to a router by ethernet and the router connected to an AP wirelessly can kismet still see that client?
> If the client transmits over wifi, then yes.
> If there are no packets from that client on the wifi... no.
> Usually broadcasts are sent to all interfaces. Usually direct traffic is not, unless it's communicating to a device over wifi.

Thanks for the reply. I'm not really clear about the broadcast/direct traffic part so I will explain my setup more clearly.

Client has no wifi, just an ethernet connection, needs to talk to AP but ethernet cable can't be used so a router is put in CLIENT MODE and used to give the client wireless capability. The client IS talking to the AP but through the router.
Does your answer that that client can't be seen still apply?. Also if the router is only used in this CLIENT MODE just for the purpose of giving wireless capability when I see the router am I getting the router's MAC address or the client thats using the router?

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