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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:System hangs after couple of minutes of running kismet
Date:00:29:24 20/06/2012

> I don't know if its kismet or my system but after few minutes of running kismet my system freezes and only way out is to reboot . I am using Netgear wg511t card with ath5k drivers . Also when is switch off channel hopping from drone conf file my system works perfectly fine . Please tell where the problem lies and if it is with the driver than what could be the alternate .

Under linux it's impossible (with qualifications) for a userspace application to hang the system.

What IS possible is:

1) Running out of RAM and things dropping dead in ways that look like hanging

2) Driver bugs causing an actual lockup

You should first figure out which it is - if it's a full lockup I'd expect the keyboard to not work, and the system to no longer ping over ethernet.

There really isn't much you can do with a driver bug other than try another kernel. Make sure you have the latest. You could also try compat-wireless.


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