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Posted by:hashes
Subject:Question concerning merging netxml and gpsxml into a KMZ file
Date:01:27:17 07/06/2012

I have scanned approximately 10.000 networks. I want to display them on Google Maps (not public) to see visually. This has been done through 30 drives. They all contain alert, gpsxml, nettxt, netxml, and pcapdump.

I have little knowledge of linux (including Kismet), Google Maps API, etc, but I am learning. This is part of my bachelor project and I have 30 days to get this part done. So far I have got a Google Map on my website with an API key.

Through my googling and reading I have got this imformation which I presume will be my next step. Info at:

"You can use this script to merge the information from the "netxml" file and corresponding "gpsxml" file into a single KMZ file which can be loaded into applications like Google Earth" (I will be using Google Maps)

Question 1
Will my original gpsxml and netxml file be altered in any way? Incase something goes wrong? What I want is to get a KMZ file while my original files are unaltered. (Paranoia from someone not too familar with Linux etc)

Question 2
My main goal is to get statistics (percentage) of how many WEP's WPA, WPA2 etc that there is. Do I need to extract this information before I make the KMZ file?

Question 3
On my drives which are divided into areas of my city, the boundary roads will be on 2 different sets of files. For now, is there a way to make these networks unique so that they will not be duplicated? And is this also done through the KMZ file or before I merge the gpsxml and netxml file?

Question 4
If you can just point me in the right direction on this one. (A friend of mine has already tried putting them up on a Google Map with pointers. It all works and pointers show the amount of networks with different colored pins showing WEP and WPA etc. He is now on a long vacation and I have no knowledge of how he did it. Just that I have seen it work). The problem we encountered was the unsecured networks. There where just to many of them. I am guessing some are networks, because they have names. Others I am guessing are basestations, computers etc. Is there a way, website or other, where I can at least deduct some of these, since this is the part where my statistics can really get screwed and I end up with a rapport which is way off.

Just want to mention that Kismet works wonderfully. I have not been able to do this project without it. And if I am able to get my own webpage up and running the way I want it (a natural thing to work on, but not part of my project), it will be a great way for enthusiasts to see if their files work. (Something to give back to the community)

I really hope you respond back on my questions. You did give me some good advice when I was bumbling about with an external antenna and GPS etc.

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