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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:confused over Client type
Date:13:48:18 01/06/2012

> If a client is typed "wire/ap",does that mean only frames from its ap to the client can be observed? Just like a beacon?
> If it is typed "wireless", does that mean only frames from the client to its ap can be observed? Like a proberequest?
> I hardly saw any client that's typed "established". So in what cases is a client typed "established"?
> Can you help me?

If it's coming from a wired client then it's data packets coming from a wireless coordinator, ie, it's a bridged wired client and fromds data has been seen sourced from its mac.

If it's wireless, it's tods data coming from that mac.

Beacons and probes don't really factor into it since that tracking is applied to the data patterns.

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