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Posted by:Thronest
Subject:confused over Client type
Date:17:07:12 28/05/2012

I use the latest kismet version smoothly. But i am a little confused by the fields of each protocol. For example, I see quite a few "clients" under a certain "network", with their types tagged "wired/ap" or "wireless".

I read related topics on this and checked the netracker.h file. If i have got it right, "wired/ap" should means "FromDs only", and "wireless" "ToDs only".

If a client is typed "wire/ap",does that mean only frames from its ap to the client can be observed? Just like a beacon?
If it is typed "wireless", does that mean only frames from the client to its ap can be observed? Like a proberequest?
I hardly saw any client that's typed "established". So in what cases is a client typed "established"?

Can you help me?

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